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Pipe Welders

Pipe Fitters

Pipe Combos

Ship Fitters

Boiler Makers

Inside Machinists


Sheet Metal Mechanics

Electronic Technicians

Outside Machinists

Structural Welders


‍‍‍Spray Painters

Laborers of all Trades

And more!‍‍‍

Employee Trades

Delegate your professional construction and skilled trades recruiting to the experts. You concentrate on the projects, and we concentrate on recruiting your skilled trade field staff.

Once the field staff is on your site we will never intervene unless directed by you to do so.

Peace of Mind
We handle the entire labor burden: reporting state and federal (workers's comp insurance, claims and audits, unemployment, W2's; we mange all the soft costs as well). We pay the employee every Friday by various ways of payment, and invoice once a week, net 30 days.

We take care of:
Application process
Background checks
Drug screens
Reference checks
Validation of certificates and licenses

Using Skilled Trades Services will reduce your excessive labor costs. Eliminate worker's comp insurance, claims, audits, hiring risks, termination issues, unemployment, Social Security and Medicare match, advertising costs, and lower your EMR.